Gdesk 0.33b


Aggiornamento alla seconda verisone della 0.33, sistemati alcune cose sullo scroll e soprattutto le icone per di rete e chiamate on/off.

06-sep-2008 : v.0.33b

Selected item now shows on top again (hover effect)
* Resize border moves with scroll
* Screen scrolls to keep selected item on screen
* Option to only select icons that are on screen
* InfoView skinning
* Digital clock skinning

The last two allow you to add custom icons to InfoView and the digital clock.
These icons have a specific format, different for each use.
1) Battery indicator: 11 icons side-by-side representing empty to full battery
2) Signal indicator: 6 icons side-by-side representing no signal to full signal
3) Charge/network/call indicator: 6 icons side-by-side, Charge-On, Charge-Off, Network-On, Network-Off, Call-On, Call-Off
4) Unread messages: 10 icons side-by-side representing no messages up to 8 messages plus a ‘more than 8′
5) Digital clock: 12 icons side-by-side representing digits 0-9 plus ‘am’ and ‘pm’

To use these just add an icon of the correct format to an infoview or clock instance.

I’ve attached a couple of example icon sets to illustrate the idea (the battery set is by RAKiller)



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